Shetland and Up Helly Aa, January 2015

I had the privilege to travel up to Shetland for the completion of the Glasgow 2014 Young Leaders Programme, and took the opportunity to experience the wonder that is the Up Helly Aa festival. The full photoset can be found on flickr, and a highlights set in the slideshow below.

As well as the photos, I made some short films at the civic reception at the Town Hall (attending this was a rare honour, particularly as a non-local), and at the procession leading to the burning of the galley.

The next day (a public holiday for understandable reasons), we went for a stomp at Eshaness, the most westerly point of the Shetland mainland, in the middle of the North Atlantic. Stunning, cold and such great fun. And we even managed to squeeze in the best fish and chips in the UK on the way back to Lerwick!